April 20, 2024


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I chose Economics because I wanted to explore different fields- FSS BGS

By Bankole AbdurRoheem, Priscilla Oboh, Akimleye Oluwadunsin and Oludele Oluwatosin

Awodun Farouq, FSS BGS.

The story of Awodun Umar Faruq, the best-graduating student of the faculty of social sciences, is one that resonates the benefit of unwavering determination and discipline as he passionately furthers his academic journey into the diverse field of Economics. 

Choosing economics over accounting back in 2017 was a decision that raised eyebrows amongst his peers, who had expected him to study accounting as the very bright student he had proven to be. However, the scholar had a brighter vision in mind, as he sought not to be confined to a particular discipline but to explore economics, which is a vast field of knowledge comprising economics, accounting, finance, and even business administration.

‘‘ I wanted to delve into all the different areas because I liked them, and they were easy for me.” 

Currently, he’s halfway done with his ACCA certification.

While reflecting on his time as an undergraduate in the University of Lagos, Faruq mentioned that he believes no course is difficult, unlike most students believe, and that he approaches each course with ‘a blank slate’. His love for economics and its interconnectedness, especially the quantitative aspect, assisted him in navigating through the curriculum effortlessly. 

As an all-rounder, his engagement extended beyond the classroom, as he was an active member of the Investment Society of the University of Lagos, a body that helped in giving real-life application to the theoretical aspect of the course that was learned in class. He was also a member of AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economics and Business), where he built his soft skills, such as leadership skills, alongside his technical skills. When things start getting stressful, he also enjoys playing sports as ‘an avenue to de-stress’.

While reliving the journey towards being the BGS of the faculty with a 4.92 CGPA, Faruq’s approach to excellence was rooted in detailed planning, discipline, and self-awareness. He attended classes regularly, having a particular seat where he liked sitting, away from the distractions in class. 

Along the way, he found the importance of having mentors who impacted him in different areas of specialization, including peers and seniors. Morally, he learned a lot from his parents and, as a Muslim, from the history books, citing Prophet Muhammad as a mentor, just like he is to Muslims. He also recognizes the unwavering support from his family and the freedom to explore different interests of his. He further aspires to make a significant impact on African youths by fostering investment and contributing to the growth of businesses across the continent.

One of his defining moments was the CFA research competition with his teammates, where they were required to pour in immense efforts and sacrifice into the draining projects. The competition, however, brought them together as one family where everyone understood each other despite the fights. 

He finds no regret as he looks back, only hope of continuous growth and development alongside his friends who have continued to support him through his academic journey in UNILAG. Faruq also strongly believes that ‘‘ we can only grow as a people when the people coming after us are doing much better than we do.’’

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