April 20, 2024


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Ag. Registrar Champions Future-Ready Agenda

By Abimbola Adelakun, Adetutu Adejumoh, Adeleye Adedeji, and Sandra Okonkwo

Mrs Olakunle Esther Makinde, Acting Registrar, University of Lagos.

Mrs. Olakunle Esther Makinde, currently the Acting Registrar at the University of Lagos, is committed to supporting the Vice Chancellor’s future-ready agenda. She highlighted her dedication to providing quality administrative support for the university’s day-to-day operations under the Vice Chancellor’s leadership.

Makinde’s focus extends to advancing the Vice Chancellor’s vision by automating all business processes and enhancing the professionalization of the registry through staff learning, development, and policy formulation. She also discussed key initiatives, including the preparation of proper job descriptions for all staff categories within the registry and implementing comprehensive training programs to enhance capacity and improve soft skills.

Efficiency and optimal performance within the registry are top priorities for her and she plans to achieve this through clear role definition, outlining responsibilities, and establishing a well-defined chain of command. These measures aim to facilitate regular information sharing, updates, and feedback within the unit.

Among her notable achievements, Makinde highlighted efforts to promote stakeholder welfare, implement manpower planning, and foster a culture of accountability and work ethics within the Registry. These initiatives collectively contribute to her vision for a responsive and high-performing registry at the University of Lagos.

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