April 20, 2024


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UNILAG Quality Assurance & SERVICOM: The Mission And Vision

By Abimbola Adelakun

In an exclusive interview with UNILAGsun, Dr. Olufemi Saibu, director of the quality assurance and SERVICOM Unit at the University of Lagos, shared the vision and mission of the unit.

He stated that the unit was structured to prevent individual agendas and prioritize the university’s collective goals over personal interests.

Highlighting the unit’s core operations, Dr. Saibu said SERVICOM is a federal government initiative, that ensures that public institutions render services of value to people, enhancing responsiveness to arising issues while quality assurance revolves around compliance with established rules, regulations, and university policies.

He emphasized that the unit’s intention is not to threaten to punish lecturers or non-teaching staff, but to foster accountability within the University of Lagos.

“Our intent isn’t to police lecturers or staff but to hold them accountable for delivering quality service,” he said.

To this effect, the unit is going to establish a feedback system, enabled by QR codes that allows students to anonymously express opinions on courses, lecturers, or units, enabling genuine feedback without compromise.

Quality Assurance primarily aims at preempting service deficiencies, bolstering customer confidence, credibility, and operational efficiency.

SERVICOM, a service compact, represents an agreement between the government and citizens, striving not just to serve but to serve right.

Dr. Saibu’s strategic vision for Quality Assurance & SERVICOM at UNILAG embodies a commitment to excellence, transparency, and a harmonious service-provider-customer relationship.

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