April 20, 2024


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Unilag Quality Assurance to recruit student Ambassadors

By Daniel Kelechi and Blessing Famose

In a recent interview with reporters from Unilagsun, the unit director for SERVICOM and Quality Assurance UNILAG, Professor Olufemi Saibu unveiled his plans to recruit students into the ambassadorial unit of SERVICOM.

Prof. Saibu stated that this new development is one of the University’s agendas geared towards ensuring that the quality of services delivered to students of the institution meets international best practices as well as serves as a yardstick for measuring the performance of the institution globally.

He noted that the recruitment of these ambassadors has become important because many of the students were ignorant of the role of Quality Assurance and SERVICOM.

“More importantly, this session, we want to get students as part of SERVICOM and Quality Assurance. Currently, we have SERVICOM Vanguard, which involves students. Still, we observed that because of the perspective of our service compliances, the lecturers and staff felt that those SERVICOM Vanguard are police who record them secretly, so we don’t want them like that again. We are going to have them as ambassadors who will monitor openly and give us feedback”.

He mentioned that in a meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs, it was agreed upon that students will be drawn from every department and faculty to make up the ambassadorial unit.

Apart from recruiting SERVCOM Ambassadors, Saibu stated that his unit is going to implement QR codes that will be posted on the entrance of classroom doors, which students will scan and give an assessment of their learning experience at the end of every lecture. The QR codes will be accompanied by google forms, which will be shared with the students through their department presidents.

Speaking on why he is taking these new steps, he said, “This is for us to react and respond quickly to the challenges the students are facing. We don’t want to wait till the end of the session or semester before they will now say that this lecturer is bad because the damage would have been done already, so we are going to be proactive this time around”.

According to Saibu, the QR codes will also be pasted around other places like bursary, transcript offices, and other offices where services are rendered to students. This is to allow prompt feedback on the experiences of people who come to seek different services from these offices.

For the full details of the interview, get a copy of our Annual Newspaper edition, which will be out on Jan. 17th, 2024.

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