December 9, 2023


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UNILAG newly admitted students share screening experience

By: Christianah Gabriel

The newly admitted students of the University of Lagos have related their experiences in the course of their physical screening exercise.

The screening process is a required one that warrants every student who has successfully gained admission for the new session to travel down to the school and be physically assessed before resumption.

However, most freshers have revealed that their expectations for the screening exercise were not the reality they met.

Wilhelmina, a new student of the Department of Psychology said that she expected the whole process not to go down well with her. “I expected it to be stressful and frustrating and it was,” she said.

Abdul-Quadri who just gained admission to study Mass Communication shared that though he expected to be unable to complete both his toxicology test and screening on the same day, he successfully observed the exercises.

Another new student from the faculty of social sciences, sociology department, who identified herself as Amarachi, said “I expected the screening process to be stressful if I do not prepare ahead of time.”

She expressed her happiness in eventually completing her screening exercise though she had to come back several times. She further revealed that most people do not appreciate the efforts of the screening staff thinking they were harsh.

Oluwasegun, a fresh student of the Department of Computer Science said that he expected the faculty and departmental screening documents would have been ready before the screening started but his reality was that “the physical screening was less stressful for me.”

In all, they confessed that it was a successful screening exercise and could not wait to resume school.

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