December 9, 2023


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Mikayla releases first single “Drunk”

By Blessing Christopher, Moyosoreoluwa Fagunleka, and Oluwaseyi Fashida.

Sophomore student of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, Michelle Ukwaegbu, also known as Mikayla, released her first song recently.

In this interview with UNILAGSun reporters, Blessing Christopher, Moyosoreoluwa Fagunleka, and Oluwaseyi Fashida, Mikayla speaks on the inspiration behind her first single, the journey so far and her future plans.

What inspired the title of your song, “Drunk”?

Honestly, just as the lyrics said, “Pain”. Everybody has experienced heartache or as we call it now “breakfast” at one point or the other, from lovers and even friends we developed feelings for along the line”.

So, did you write this song based on your first-hand experience?

Oh well, you could say that.

Understanding that you are a 200 level student, how did you raise the funds needed to record, produce and release Drunk?

I faced a lot of challenges in getting the quality I needed for the song. I had to use my savings to pay for the recording session and also for the remixing of the song. Making the song available for streaming cost a lot too but I didn’t do it all on my own. I had the help of my sister Christopher Precious who is currently my manager.

How did you feel when you finally released Drunk?

I felt so good. This was one of my goals this year and I actually did it. I started songwriting two years ago and have been so eager to share my songs with people. I finally got to do that and this is just the beginning.

You have been writing for two years now?! How would you describe your growth?

To be frank, my music style has transformed significantly. I’ve honed my songwriting skills and gained immense confidence. As an R&B artist, I’ve successfully incorporated elements from the Afrobeat genre into my music”.

What would you say were your major challenges in transforming, writing, and finally releasing a song?

Many individuals attempted to alter my musical style, urging me to mimic other artists and their sounds. My experience in studios was uncomfortable as I felt restricted in expressing myself. Despite needing to learn a lot about the technical aspects of recording, my writing skills were often praised. To address this, I took a break to reflect. With the guidance of patient industry experts, I found support in enhancing my music without completely changing my original songs.

So far, how have you been able to combine schooling and pursuing a career in music?

It’s been quite easy and difficult at the same time. I try to prioritize and make time for both. I make sure I engage in projects, study for tests, and don’t miss classes I did face a little challenge last semester. On the day of the Nigerian Idol campus edition, I had a test. I waited in school, but the test began late, so I had to ask for permission from my lecturer.

Are we expecting another jam from you anytime soon?

Certainly! I have no plans to pause after taking this significant step. Anticipate more even as you enjoy my recent release “Drunk’.

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