December 9, 2023


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CMUL inducts 134 medical, dental graduates

By Michael Alabi

The College of Medicine University of Lagos(UNILAG), on Wednesday inducted 134 newly qualified medical and dental practitioners into the profession, during its 2019/2020 Medical and Dental Induction Ceremony.

The induction ceremony took place at the Old Great Hall, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Araba, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, Prof. David Oke, provost of CMUL, advised the inductees to be good ambassadors of the college and the nation.

He said, “Remember that your training is a combination of godliness and excellence, which is what will define your future.“

The good physician treats the patient who has the disease. If you want to succeed in this profession, never neglect your connection with the Great Physician.”

Oke highlighted the difficulties facing most Nigerians currently but expressed confidence that the inductees would pull through by relying on the training they had received.

“It is a well-established fact that the Nigerian terrain is difficult, but I am confident that with the quality of training you have received, you will rise above all the difficulties you may encounter and make a positive impact in your chosen profession — the health sector.

“I charge you inductees that your future should not be a confusing time, but a demanding and challenging time.“

Demanding because it will often require you to multitask, undergo interdisciplinary collaborations; Challenging because it is a terrain you are not used to but you have to flourish”, he added.

The provost also charged the inductees to explore new frontiers of knowledge and become esteemed practitioners.

He said that, over the years, despite the increase in the student population, funding to the Health Sector had reduced and this had resulted in decay in the college’s infrastructure, despite the efforts of the successive administrations.

Also speaking, Dr. Tajudeen Sanusi, Registrar, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria(MDCN), advised the inductees to desist from criticising the regulatory body on Social Media.

He said: “This is a regulated profession; there are certain conducts expected of you as doctors, you don’t go to the social media disparaging your regulatory body.”

Sanusi added that the habit of taking matters to social media may cause the inductees to disclose confidential information about patients under their care to the public.

He said that this would be a violation of their oath and affirmation to keep patients’ medical information private.

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