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A journey to three crowns

By Ejiofor Toochi, Favour Michael, Ajoke Dabiri and Oludele Oluwatosin

Chinaza Jacinta Oguejiofor, Most Beautiful Student In Nigeria.

“If you believe you’re the winner, you have to show it from the onset” – Chinaza Jacinta Oguejiofor 

In just eight months, Chinaza Jacinta Oguejiofor, a 300-level Mathematics student at the University of Lagos, accomplished an extraordinary feat by winning three crowns. She was crowned Miss Moremi and Miss Unilag in April and May 2023, respectively. However, her drive for greatness did not waver, as she contested for the Most Beautiful Student in Nigeria, where she triumphed and added one more crown to her already impressive collection.

The 20-year-old, who describes herself as a strong, powerful, and beautiful lady, attributes most of her success to her determination. “I am a very determined and goal-oriented person. If I want to get something, I put in my best even when I don’t get it. I am still proud of myself and can raise my head high because I know I did my best and will always be remembered for it.”

The Beginning 

Just like many beauty queens, Chinaza boasts of an early career in the world of pageantry. She began as early as junior secondary school, where she was first crowned Miss JSS1 at Holy Child College, S/West Ikoyi, Lagos. “I wasn’t expecting to win because it was just a casual experience, but then it made people believe in me and encourage me and also nominate me to go for Miss JSS2, which was my first official pageant, and I won,” she said.

Attaining the Triple Crowns 

Years after secondary school, Chinaza took a bold leap by competing in the Miss Moremi pageant. This experience gave her the confidence and recognition to pursue her dreams further, leading her to participate in Miss Unilag and eventually become the most beautiful student in Nigeria. However, her journey was not without its challenges. She describes her experience in the contest as bitter-sweet due to the rigorous workouts, changes in her eating routine, and the disappointment of organisers not fulfilling their promises. 

Regardless of these, she kept her head held high and maintained the poise of a beauty queen all through the pageantry. “One thing I always tell myself is, if you believe you’re the winner, you have to show it from the onset.”

It was a fierce battle amongst other competitors, but Chinaza was fully backed with the unwavering support of her mother, coursemates, and the Igbo Students Union. Her journey during the pageantry not only showcased her talent for belly dancing and her beauty but also brought her into the spotlight beyond the four walls of the university.

Striking a balance with academics 

A famous saying from William Shakespeare’s King Henry IV Part 2 reads, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Undoubtedly, wearing three crowns at once comes with its share of responsibility. However, Chinaza believes in the value of work, discipline, and consistency and is confident in maintaining good grades while balancing her royal duties. She stated, “I believe it’s something that is expected of me, and I know I am going to keep up with that, both my studies and my titles, but they don’t in any way interfere with my studies.”

Advocacy and future plans 

Chinaza is not only a beauty queen but also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, particularly among students. She has dedicated herself to spreading awareness about the significance of mental well-being and personal hygiene through her social media page. She firmly believes that many students of this institution are struggling with a ‘financial and academic crisis,’ hence her plans to organise a skill acquisition programme that will empower students to develop income-generating skills while pursuing their education.

While many would describe the year 2023 as a big break for Chinaza, she believes that her journey has yet to begin as she aims to wear the crown of Miss Universe soon. “Miss Universe is the final goal. These are the starting steps to get to Miss Universe.”

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