April 20, 2024


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We Aim for a Society Where Students Can Unleash Their Full Potential – Counseling Unit

By Ithiel Afolayan, Zaynab Oyedeji, Ekeledo Joy and Ajetunmobi Latifat

Mrs Janet Oluwatoyin Aregbesola, Principal Assistant Registrar and Head of Counseling Unit, University of Lagos

Mrs Janet Oluwatoyin Aregbesola, the Principal Assistant Registrar and Head of the Counseling Unit at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), during an interview with Unilag Sun, spoke on the plans the unit has to create a society where students can be more productive. 

“We aim for a society free of psychosocial issues, where students can unleash their full potential. We want a happy community where students can excel in their chosen fields,” she declared, reflecting the unit’s dedication to fostering a positive and supportive environment.

Aregbesola outlined the hierarchy, emphasizing the crucial role of professional counselors and support staff in providing comprehensive services to students.

“We have three professional counsellors, and aside from us, we have support staff who play a vital role in ensuring that we can effectively serve the students,” explained Mrs. Aregbesola. The counseling unit collaborates with various departments and locations on campus, including religious centers and faculty offices.

For students seeking appointments with the counseling unit, Aregbesola clarified the process, stating that urgent matters do not require prior booking. “We operate both physically and online, ensuring accessibility for all students. In cases of life and death, no appointment is needed,” she affirmed, emphasizing the unit’s commitment to non-discrimination.

Addressing the wide array of issues addressed by the counseling unit, Aregbesola mentioned the unit’s involvement in orientation programs, safety concerns, academic excellence, and support for vulnerable students. “We want our students to excel academically and transition smoothly through their university journey,” she noted, highlighting the unit’s comprehensive approach to student well-being.

“Confidentiality is a cornerstone of counselling,” Aregbesola emphasized. Individual and group counseling sessions are available, with group sessions often addressing shared concerns, such as instances of assault. The counselor also discussed the handling of emergencies, defining them as life-threatening situations or situations involving students with suicidal thoughts. The counselor emphasized the urgent and discrete nature of these cases.

Aregbesola also shed light on additional activities offered by the counseling unit, including the recruitment drive for job opportunities and scholarships. She encouraged students to seize these opportunities for personal and academic growth.

She also urged the graduating students to not just focus on their certificates but to pursue their passions and strive to become employers instead of job seekers in the constantly changing world of work.

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