April 20, 2024


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UNILAG millennium fellows set to impact community

By: Iseoluwa Onadipe, Rejoice Amali, and Oluwaseyi Fashida

The Millennium Campus Network has recruited new batches of student from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) into the fellowship for the 2023/2024 year. These fellows are set to make changes in their communities.

The Millennium Fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program that happens on different campuses across countries and it’s backed by the United Nations Academic Impact in collaboration with the MCN.

The program is to convene young people who have a flare for social impact to train them and give them resourceful information that can help them carry out whatever social impact they intend to accomplish.

This year, the fellowship recorded an enormous amount of applications from UNILAG which resulted to the creation of two cohorts. – cohort A and B each having a campus director. The leaders are Mr Samuel Olówóòkéré a 400-level student of Mass Communication and Miss Aaliyah Rahman respectively.

Mapping out the reason several students are interested in this program to have such a number of applications, one thing stood out: the desire to have an impact. “I decided to participate because I believe it’s an opportunity for me to add to my society and the world at large, being impactful regardless of what part of the world I’m from,” Miss Lydia a member of the fellowship says.

In addition to having a social impact, the fellowship offers other benefits to its members.”I have access to alumni from MCN who have gone through this path so they can help me make the right choices without making the mistakes they made, giving me speed and access to the right information.” Miss Lydia added.

Mr Samuel Olówóòkéré, UNILAG Cohort-A leader shares with us how persistent he was to get admitted ”I’ve been trying to apply for MCN since year one and of course I always got rejected right ? And fortunately when I got accepted this year I was also appointed as the campus director” after receiving 3 rejections, his reason still did not change and was stern at implementing social change. “if I was waiting for validation to carry out the project I would most likely not carry it out so I decided whether they approve it or not I’ll carry out the project” he says.

Getting appointed as the campus director was an addition for him. “And seeing I was appointed as the campus directorate it was an addition because it pushed me to do better because leadership positions are not something I take with levity “With excitement he sees this as an avenue to model his expectations and also to be more intentional about his project.

Mr. Samuel further says “We are going through challenges in our world as a result of the kind of leaders that we have “. MCN helps young people to develop the leadership capacity for the world about solutions to world problems and to help them thrive for change.He adds “Beyond your recognition and certificate be intention about changing the world for good to build relevance outside the four walls of the university even before you leave campus…beyond your certificate build relevance build character build competence in whatever field that you choose.”

Miss Aaliya gives us a break down of the selection process “the selection process for assuming a leadership position within the fellowship was notably uncomplicated. I began by completing the fellowship’s application form, which included a dedicated segment for the campus director role. Subsequently, my application advanced to the shortlist, prompting an invitation for an interview. Throughout the interview, I was afforded the opportunity to expound upon my personal background and prior engagements in leadership roles.After the interview stage, following a period of anticipation, I received an email notification that conveyed the gratifying news of my successful selection for the coveted campus director role within the fellowship.”

Miss Aaliya shares a little about her project with us “The distressing reality of global food insecurity propels me to engage in initiatives that promote sustainable agricultural practices, equitable food distribution, and innovative solutions to eradicate hunger. By championing this cause, I aspire to contribute to a world where no one goes to bed hungry.”

Millennium campus network gives the opportunity to build problem solving skills for a good course. “Being a fresher in the University, you’re not just there to read and pass exams but to develop skills like critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help you get life changing opportunities after school and even before graduating.” Miss Lydia encourages student especially Freshers to take part in the program.

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