April 20, 2024


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UNILAG Alumni Seeks Fund for Engineering

Engr. Dideola Falobi

Faith Enang

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Alumni Association has declared their intention to raise a N500 million fund for the faculty of engineering.

Chairman of UNILAG Faculty of Engineering Alumni, Mr. Dideolu Falobi, revealed this in a recent interview with The Punch.

According to Falobi, the alumni observed the deterioration of the structures a long time ago and they have attempted to raise the standard from their pockets. He also said that the government needs to lead the process of industrialization or Nigeria will die.

“We discovered that the faculty, in terms of infrastructure, and facilities, among others, is no longer operating the way it should. 

“However, in 2017, the Alumni Association was formally inaugurated, and we then approached the faculty to find out what were their needs in terms of the scale of preference; what areas do they want assistance from?”, he explained.

Falobi added that the list of projects that are needed for the faculty was what drove the association to conclude on fundraising.

In response to a question about the timeframe to complete the fundraising, he said they have about a year.

He also said a fundraising event will be held on Thursday, May 5th, to raise the money at a much faster pace.

His words, “Well, this executive hopes we will be able to complete it within our tenure, we have just about a year left. 

“It’s an ongoing thing. It has started, and the essence of this event on Thursday is to draw particular attention to it and hopefully, we would be able to rally the alumni to put funds together at a faster pace.”

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