April 20, 2024


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Tracing UNILAG’s Water Transport

By Oludele Oluwatosin, Bobade Oyinlola, Ithiel Afolayan and Alade Ololade

Engineer Oluwafemi Ayodele Ogundipe

Beneath the daily life at the University of Lagos is a silent force–the network system responsible for water transport and supply, which many have been curious about.

Connecting this towering structure adjacent to the fire station to this marvel might be the last thing on people’s minds. Engineer Oluwafemi Ayodele Ogundipe, the authority overseeing the water production and distribution at UNILAG, unveiled the complex yet fascinating process behind the university’s water supply mechanism.

He explained that the structure’s genesis lies in its function, providing adequate water to the entire university community. The height of this structure ensures that water can flow throughout the university. However, it’s not just a medium.

“We also have a treatment plant inside. The raw water goes through our filters and is treated with chemicals before we pump it,” he explained, emphasizing how the structure also guarantees a clean water supply to the University.

Despite their efforts to ensure the supply of clean water, there are complaints from some hostels about the quality of water they receive–dirty and oily. Engineer Ogundipe attributed it to the boreholes with high iron content.

“The boreholes in Honors and Makama aren’t good, which is why the water sometimes has an odor and appears brownish.” He further explained that the water they distribute is “quality and palatable.”

The quality control unit operating at their station suggested separating the tanks so everyone could have individual water sources, which was met with constraints due to the University’s high demand for water.

However, Ogundipe stated they presented a proposal during the panel meeting to clean all the hostel tanks.

“By the time we finish washing all the tanks, there will be fewer complaints. We just upgraded our treatment plant to a new one. The best thing to do is to change it regularly, especially after prolonged use,” he concluded.

In our final interview moments, Ogundipe discussed the future of the new water tower. In the past, the tower supplied water for the entire school. However, this is no longer the case due to the school’s expansion with more hostels and students.”Now we should develop a future plan because the community has expanded since 1962 when this tower was designed during the establishment of the university.”

He stated that his initiative is to make existing facilities effective before proposing new ones. He also mentioned that new improvements, such as additional water stations, will be implemented throughout the university.

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