April 20, 2024


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Showcasing the charming spots in UNILAG

By Elizabeth Ukey and Esther Eiyegbeni 

UNILAG Main Gate

Welcome to the University of Lagos, where education meets beauty. Situated in the Akoka-Yaba axis of Lagos, the campus is always a beehive of activities filled with staff and students as they go about their respective duties. As we take you through some of its charming spots, you will see why the University earned the nickname “The University of First Choice.” 

In the usual university crowd are creators, social media influencers, actors and directors, and numerous others trooping into the campus to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. Scattered around the campus are “hot spots” famous for content creation and social media presence, some of which you might have seen in movies, Instagram skits, and YouTube videos.


Lagoon Front.

First is the Lagoon front. Are you looking to shoot beach content without going to an actual beach? This is the spot for you. With the huge palm trees, the third mainland bridge in the distance, the most striking view of all, and the large expanse of water, you have all the makings of a beach. The latest addition of the water fountain that lights up at night guarantees the perfect backdrop for a romantic night shot. Also, the serene tranquillity serves as a favoured retreat for the students.


Moremi Hall Garden.

Up next is Moremi Hall Garden. Despite the name implying exclusivity, it’s open to all. Being close to the cab park and in the centre of the campus, it is a bubbling relaxation spot always filled with students. The Wi-fi and milky popcorn sold there, a magnet for students, are even more tempting than the actual shade the spot provides. This place is good for vox pops, videos that require interaction with background noise, and the portrayal of a proper student hangout.

One of the least popular is the amphitheatre close to the sports centre. This spot depicts the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” At first sight, it doesn’t seem like much, but it holds potential for content creators. Because of its stadium-like seating arrangement, it is great for shooting videos with large crowds, like dance battles, talent hunts, seminars, concerts, and the occasional group photos. Its height and retro make it even more appealing to photographers and models alike.

If you’re on the artsy side, then the faculty of architecture and arts are your spots. With an array of statues, sculptures, and paintings, they give off the feel of art, which is much expected of the faculty. Pictures taken here are guaranteed to have you feeling like an art enthusiast with a good eye for the finer things in life. Being one of the tallest buildings, the faculty also makes it a perfect backdrop for photos when taken at the right angle. 

This list wouldn’t be complete without the honorary mention of Access Bank and Zenith Bank. One would think banks are just for financial services, but it seems there was an unwritten memo for the banks in Unilag to be as aesthetic as possible. Both banks boast of a large display of glass walls and bright colours. Access Bank even has a stone path and faux grass for an elevated look, while the Zenith Bank building front was converted to a casual seating area complete with concrete benches. Adding to the touch is a giant LED screen that sometimes streams matches and free Wi-fi. These spots are great for pictures, and more than one viral video has been made there. 

Love Garden.

It may seem as though the campus didn’t hold back on parks because up next are Shofoluwe Park and the famous Love Garden. These locations are one of the most frequented, and rightly so. The ambience there gives off serene and peaceful vibes, with the trees, flowers, and occasional birds completing the feel. It is perfect for monologues, professional-toned videos, and adverts. Love Garden, as the name implies, is the ideal place for romantic shots. The trees, the falling petals, the natural breeze and lighting, and the fine architecture on either side will have you spending hours on end. The Wi-fi is another plus. 

And finally, the newly remodelled main library. The library is a colourful marvel that boasts a vibrant look with bright colours and inscriptions. From the mini lounge at the entrance to the lobby to the mini cafe and the Makerspace, it is now in the running for best picture spots in Unilag. Going to read in the library is the new cool thing on campus.

The University of Lagos has indeed proven to be a well-rounded campus with these innovations, which show a blend of education and lifestyle.

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