December 9, 2023


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Exploring UNILAG Dean of Student Affairs Unit.

By Morayo Koku.

Many students are aware of this unit which is headed by the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) however not many are aware of the structure and departments under this unit.

There are various services offered by this unit and separate centres that handle these activities. And they will be discussed in this article.

What is the Student Affairs unit?

The Student Affairs is a division designed to enhance the welfare and experiences of the students of the University of Lagos. This is a very broad area which includes providing educational, cultural, and skill building opportunities. Most issues that pertain to the student are eventually attended to here.

The head of this department is the Dean and he is assisted by two Sub-Deans, namely Deputy Dean I and Deputy Dean II, the Deputy Registrar who is in charge of counselling matters, a Principal Assistant Registrar and a team of non-teaching staff.

What services and opportunities do they offer?

Although there are several services offered, a specific provision is the Work-Study Programme. Students are screened and if eligible will be given paid job placements.

Another amenity which can be accessed through the Dean, Student Affairs division are scholarships and indigent students can be assisted through making enquiries in division.

What units make up this division?

The student’s affairs division is divided into 5 units namely the Student Activities Unit, Accommodation and Hostel Management Unit, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Unit,Scholarships Bursaries and Endowment Unit, and Finally the Counselling Unit

*The Student Activities* : This unit deals with writing reference letters to Embassies and Corporate bodies on behalf of students. This area ensures that corporate and student associations, clubs and societies before registered also conform to the university standards. It handles student’s activities such as elections, training, coordination of student leaders, price monitoring and control of goods and services. They equally organize university debates tournaments and statutory meeting with student leaders.

*Accommodation and Hostel Management Unit:* This area monitors the student’s welfare and social events in the hall’s residence. These halls include Queen Amina, Biobaku, Eni-Njoku, Erastus Akingbola, Henry Carr, Honours, King Jaja, Fagunwa Kofo Ademola, Madam Tinubu, Makama Bida, Mariere, Sodeinde (Postgraduate), Sodeinde (undergraduate), Kwaku Adadevoh.

*National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Unit* : This unit deals with the mobilization of full time and part graduates yearly. After the senate approves the results and it is complied by the Records Office and sent in its raw form to the Students Affairs unit, they forward to CITS for inclusion of essential data of the graduates such as date of birth, state of origin, jamb registration number, GSM number. After data entry into the NYSC portal for a specific batch (There are 3 batches a, b and c yearly) the copies are verified. Following that, verified information is then uploaded on the NYSC portal based on the dates given by the NYSC authorities. The Registrar then vets the list and approve before printing. Having registered, graduates are deployed for service or exemptions and graduates of part time programme are processed for collection of letters of exemption.

*Scholarships Bursaries and Endowment:* This unit provides qualified students benefits such as scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and endowments usually funded by the federal government also oil and multinational companies.

*Counselling Unit* : This unit handled emotional and psychological health of student and staff. Activities which area organized are orientation programme for new students, career week for final year student, the work-study programme.

*How to access Them?* The Dean is available to all students daily on a 24 hours basis including weekends. For enquiries visit the Student Affairs Office is located Tafawa Balewa Way, University of Lagos and the Counselling Unit is located at the first floor of the University Bookshop Building directly opposite the Post Office.

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