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Campus Life: What is Balloting and How to Ballot?

By Morayo Koku

Balloting is the process that involves eligible UNILAG students booking a space in the hostel of their choice.

Students can be informed about accommodation through the Unilag Website, Lagmobile and the Information Flash Bulletin published by the university. These are the steps to ballot if everything goes as planned:

• login to portal via Login | University of Lagos | Student Portal (unilag.edu.ng)

• Select the icon to the upper left and scroll down to the accommodation option.

• Select the accommodation option.

• Select your desired hostel.

• Click on hostel reservation. • Confirm your reservation.

• Download your hostel slip.

After securing a hostel space, the next step is to go for clearance with the following documents:

1. Confirmation slip (Original).

2. Seven (7) passports.

3. Bio-data form (For Fresher).

4. WAPIC Receipt (Photocopy).

5. Lagmobile Receipt (Photocopy).

6. Admission Letter (Photocopy) For Freshers.

7. 2 Bed Sheets.

8. 2 Pillow Cases.

9. Parents Passport.

10. Signed Conditions of Tenancy.

Tips on Balloting

1. Have a steady Internet Connection: It’s advisable to be armed with several devices that all have a steady network. There might not be a swift login due to traffic therefore every second counts and being slowed down because of a slow network could lessen the chances of getting a bedspace.

2. Ask For help: No man is an island. Appeal to trusted people to log in and help you ballot. If possible, seek international help by asking friends and family outside the country to help you in the balloting process.

3. Consult a balloting service: Some people have mastered the way the website operates and are acclaimed professionals. After proper research, acquire a tested and trusted balloting service.

4. Get familiar with the student portal by logging in at least a day before to practicalize balloting for a hostel. Off-Campus Option It’s important to begin an early search for a hostel outside campus to avoid unfavourable surprises.

Here are things to consider when looking for a hostel or apartment.

• Security: It is wise to do background information about the apartment or hostel. This could be searching if there have been robberies, gang-related crimes, sexual assault cases, kidnapping and the like in or around the location. A good way is by checking on a search engine and asking the people who stay around the location about the hostel or apartment.

• Building Structure: Be on the lookout for sinking building and confirm the foundation of the house is solid with the landlord. The landlord should be able to deliver documents and attest to the building being safe. This is to avoid an eviction due to a sinking building or its high tendency to collapse.

• Transport: It is advisable to take the transport fare from the location to the lecture room into consideration.

• Supermarkets, POS/ATMs or banks: Food outlets, domestic appliances and availability to withdraw cash are necessities and their proximity should be considered.

• Environment: This involves the noisiness and activities that go on. Visiting the location severally can assist in discovering if there are several arguments, fights, loud music and so on that go on there.

• Facilities: It is good to verify the availability of electricity and water in this area.

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