November 28, 2023


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Unilag Radio committed to expanding knowledge frontiers- Lamu

By Charity Meshach, Faith Ojo, Seyifunmi  Soremekun, and Fisayo Ogunwusi

Mr. Dimeji-Lamu Michael, Station Manager UNILAG Radio 103.1

The Manager of Unilag Radio 103.1 FM, Mr Dimeji-Lamu Michael, has affirmed the station’s commitment to training media talents that will expand the frontiers of knowledge beyond the university community.

Speaking on the 18th year anniversary of the station with the theme, ‘UNILAG FM- Eyes on the future’ in line with the University’s 60th anniversary theme, the broadcaster highlighted some achievements of the radio station 18 of her existence.

Lamu remarked that the station had contributed to raising professionals now at the peak of their media careers across various stations in the country.

Mr. Dimeji-Lamu Michael, Station Manager, UNILAG Radio 103.1

“Hardly will you go round the stations whether radio or television in Nigeria without getting to see people that actually passed through Unilag radio. A lot of people who have passed through the radio are thankful today when they come back to say, ‘Yes, I started from here’, he said.

Such personalities include Kamal, Victor, and Oscar. ‘These are names that you watch today on television they’ve become GMs at different levels, the likes of Tommie B, the likes of Franki Door a lot of them have passed through Unilag radio.”

The station manager also reiterated the role of the radio station in providing information about happenings in the University and her environs, thus helping communities with first-hand access to updates about the school.

He recounted the contributions of the radio station in covering the 2022 Nigerian University Games hosted by the institution as well as the active relay of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the school.

“It was immediately after NUGA that we started the 60th-anniversary celebration so we had to broadcast some of the top matches and games in NUGA live. We were running commentaries like what you watch on television on the radio.

The commentators were giving the feeling that you’re there. People that could not come to Unilag for instance from different universities were plugged into Unilag radio via the website and radio garden for them to have an idea of what’s going on when goals are scored and all of that.” 

Dimeji-Lamu appreciated the university management for being supportive of the radio stations noting that funding was principally from the school and supported by some university alumni.

Recognising the place of technological advancement in modern broadcasting, Lamu said the radio station could be accessed through its website, as well as being available on Radio Garden from anywhere in the world.

He also added that the programming structure has been improved upon to reflect more than the regular as well as ensure equal participation amongst students in a bid to build their potential.

“We now have programmes that cut across, away from the regular entertainment, education today, we have programmes Owe Yoruba, Icon of the week, Health tips and wellbeing. We read news in Yoruba as well as programmes presented in Igbo by students of linguistics just to mention a few and we’re still trying to do a lot more.”

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