December 9, 2023


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Students unite for fee hike protest

UNILAG front gate

UNILAG front Gate

By Alake Tobi
In an inspiring show of unity and resilience, University of Lagos (UNILAG) students, joined by
counterparts from various universities, staged a protest against the recent tuition fee hike.

This demonstration was organized by the Students Solidarity Group, in collaboration with the
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). With unwavering determination, these students marched through the streets, their voices raised in songs of solidarity. They demanded that the university administration reconsider the fee increase.

This time, security forces accompanied the protesters, ensuring their safety and maintaining order. Security checks were rigorously conducted at the school gate to prevent any disruptions.

Frustrated with what they saw as a lack of transparency and accountability from the university authorities, the students vowed to continue their peaceful protest until the fee hike was revoked.

They also called upon the Federal Government to prioritize education funding, rather than
allowing tuition fees to spiral out of control.

The recent fee hike, which raised the cost from a little over N19,000 to over N190,000, was
justified by the university due to “prevailing economic realities.”

It’s worth noting that a previous protest was met with forceful suppression, as armed police
officers prevented students from entering the campus, sparking outrage and renewed determination among the protesters.

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