April 20, 2024


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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

The University of Lagos prides itself as the university of first choice and nation’s pride. This is one of the reasons it instituted an endowment fund to reward various categories of students including scholars and student leaders.

The endowment prize awarded to scholars had served as a form of motivation to many freshmen to chase academic excellence.

But, the endowment for scholars and student leaders has not been paid since the 2016/17 session. Three sessions have passed and no payment has been made.

This is even though endowment is usually listed as one of the items on the payment advice of the obligatory fee for undergraduate students.

I want to earnestly appeal to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipe to act urgently on this complaint. As he prepares to leave office in 10 months, he should endeavor not to be remembered as the VC whose tenure refused to pay students endowment.

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