December 9, 2023


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Amarlux set to expand into new regions in coming years— Founder

Lagos, a bustling hub of commerce and culture, has in recent years  witnessed a significant growth and explosion in real estate development.

However, for the Lead consultant of Amarlux Realty, Amarachi Odife, a rising star in Lagos’s real estate market, the journey into this burgeoning sector was sparked not just by opportunity or the profit margins, but genuine interest in architecture.

Amarachi Odife, a certified realtor from School of Estate, Maryland, Lagos and a graduate of the University of Lagos found an ‘unconventional inspiration’ in the craft of architecture.

Her foray into real estate began with a fascination for the contemporary designs that adorn Lagos. Recounting her entry into the industry, she said, “I had friends in business, and sometimes I’d join them for viewings in Ikoyi.

“Initially, I was captivated by the artistry of architecture—the intricate details in different buildings piqued my interest. As time went on, I started to appreciate the process of helping people find their dream homes,” she revealed.

This was how Amarlux Realty was born, aiming to offer more than just property but a lifestyle—a unique space where design meets taste and style, fulfilling the dreams of homebuyers.

The Lead consultant of the company believes that realtors can redefine the way people see and experience real estate by offering more than just a transaction but a lifelong experience.

Through her unique vision and commitment, Amarlux Realty is poised to become a significant player in the industry, shaping not just skylines but also the very way we experience space.

When asked about her plans for the foreseeable future,  Amarachi Odife, who is also referred to as Realtor Ama, stated that plans are already in motion for the company to go beyond the borders of Lagos and even Nigeria.

 “Our growth will be marked by a strategic expansion plan. The aim is to make Amarlux not just a leading brand in Lagos but to expand its unique ethos to other regions, becoming a leader in the real estate market,” the founder added.

This ambitious plan is not just wishful thinking. In the one year since its inception, the new entrant company has already achieved significant milestones—including securing multiple key property deals in high-profile areas and boasting of over 10,000 following on its official Instagram page @amarlux_realty.

Speaking  on the future of the industry, Amarachi Odife noted that the future of real estate in Nigeria is an interesting puzzle, given the rapid urbanisation and economic volatility.

According to her, the industry is on an upward trajectory and will continue to grow significantly. Urbanisation and a burgeoning middle class will drive the demand for quality housing and office spaces, presenting endless opportunities for innovation and growth.

Whether it’s through the attention to architectural details or the strategic foresight into market trends, while helping investors get high ROI,  Amarlux Realty seems set to carve its own niche in the evolving tapestry of Nigerian real estate.


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