December 9, 2023


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Addressing Students Concerns: The Role of Advocacy

By Morayo Koku

Affordable accommodation, affordable tuition, access to sufficient Infrastructure, student welfare, a promoted academic integrity, diversity and inclusivity. These are a few areas students can face problems in.

The act of students taking action in voicing their pain/points by speaking up about what they are passionate about and working towards achieving a positive change is linked to advocacy.

Advocacy involves the steps people take to cause a change. This article is aimed at providing the function’s advocacy plays in tackling student concerns.

Why is Advocacy Important?

1. It helps the institution identify areas of improvement: When students voice the issues they encounter, it enables the institution to be aware of the problem areas they can examine. This could be about transportation, accommodation, healthcare services, and so on. Effective communication ultimately helps in bringing out valuable feedback for the school and that betters the learning environment.

2. It encourages innovative solutions: Many at times, solutions are suggested by those who are affected. These solutions gives the school data to build upon consequently reaching a middle ground between the institution and its students. This does not only encourage an innovative problem-solving mindset amongst the students, but adds value to the institution and the workforce as these seasoned students possess a forward-thinking ideology of handling issues.

3. Heightens reputation: When the problems are put into consideration with the presence of understanding, transparency and honesty. It promotes the institution in a positive light. It shows the eagerness of the school in creating a positive environment for its students. Resulting to an enhanced educational experience and a loyal alumni network.

4. It drives positive change: On another side to the same coin, when students make positive efforts in finding a solution to their struggles, a step closer is equally being taken in for solving the problem. The attention of the school and public to specific issues is caught, thereby encouraging a community effort in caring for those involved affected. When remedies are actualized it eases the effects caused by the problem areas. Alternatively, if attention was not brought to these areas, a solution cannot be given.

Advocating for a positively inclined cause enables the community to identify issues, provide diverse feedback for growth, reach a mutually beneficial solution, encourages effective communication channels, and promotes an impressive alumni body. These are not only helpful to the institution by the students as well, but the entire community.

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