December 9, 2023


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UNILAG reduces students’ fee

UNILAG front gate

UNIALG front gate

By Mighty Oluwayemi

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has reduced the fees payable by students following widespread backlash and protests from students and parents alike.

Yesterday, the management, alongside faculty representatives and the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) met to address pressing issues affecting students.

Key topics on the agenda included a thorough review of mandatory fees, adjustments to hostel charges, and the eagerly awaited reinstatement of the Students’ Union Government (SUG).

After a five-hour negotiation session with university authorities, a consensus was reached to amend certain fees.

Notably, a reduction of N20,000 from the obligatory fee and N5,000 from the utility fee was agreed upon.

As a result, the revised fees for returning students are as follows: N95,750 for students without lab facilities, N135,250 for students with lab access, and N185,250 for CMUL/Pharmacy students.

Freshmen were not left out of these positive changes, as the obligatory fee was reduced by N10,000, with a further N5,000 deduction from the utility fee.

The updated fees for incoming students now stand at N131,225 for those without lab access and N181,350 for those with lab privileges.

Additionally, final-year students can rejoice as the convocation fee has been reduced to N27,000.

The issue of hostel fees also underwent a thorough review, resulting in revised amounts. Students will now pay N43,000 for regular hostels, N135,000 for the Shodeinde hostel, and N65,000 for hostels in Idi-Araba.

In a reassuring move, UNILAG’s management pledged to reinstate the Students’ Union Government (SUG) in due course, a development eagerly anticipated by the student body.

Furthermore, students will have the flexibility to pay their fees in three installments: the first installment, comprising 50% of the total, must be settled before registration; the second installment, constituting 20%, must be paid before the commencement of first-semester exams; and the third installment, accounting for 30%, must be paid before registration for the second semester.

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