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How to Utilize Outsourcing Companies 

By Adegoke Blessing and Balogun Iretomiwa

Are you a fresh graduate or a young school leaver looking for a job in Nigeria? Do you want to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and earn a decent income?

If yes, then you should consider working with an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing companies provide specialized services or staff to other businesses on a contract basis. They can help you find temporary or permanent jobs in various sectors, such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology, real estate, foods and beverages, petroleum, etc. 

Important facts why you need to utilize outsourcing companies:

“At least three million people graduate from school into the labour market in Nigeria,” Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian business magnate, said at a Business Forum (USABF), organised by Bloomberg and the United States Department of Commerce in Lagos recently. The increasing number of graduates entering the job market has intensified competition for employment opportunities. This has led to a mismatch between the job skills acquired by employees from academic institutions and the actual skill set employers need to execute tasks in the labour market.

In light of this, fresh graduates are encouraged to explore alternative avenues for career opportunities utilizing outsourcing firms. When seeking jobs or applying to work with an outsourcing company, these are some of the current job opportunities available to you:

Apply to be a Financial Inclusion Associate: This job is for self-driven young school leavers who want to earn income to support themselves and pursue their dreams. As a financial inclusion associate, you will be responsible for providing financial services to your community’s unbanked and underbanked population. You will also be able to grow, learn, and achieve your dreams. You can earn at least N75,000 and above monthly as a Financial Inclusion Associate.

For those navigating the evolving job market, the following tips can be instrumental:

Internships: Gain practical experience through internships to bolster your CV and enhance your appeal to potential employers in outsourcing companies. You can enjoy good pay and career development.

Skill Development: Acquire relevant skills through online courses and certifications, making yourself a well-equipped candidate in your desired field. You can work with different industries, clients, and projects.

Online Presence: Build a robust LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills and experiences, as many companies post job opportunities on this platform.

Volunteering: Engage in volunteer activities related to your field to demonstrate your passion and gain valuable skills and experiences. 

Portfolio Creation: Develop a portfolio highlighting personal projects or works that showcase your creativity and skills.

Networking: Attend industry events, join professional groups, and connect with alumni to expand your network and increase your chances of discovering opportunities.

Continuous Learning: Participate in workshops, seminars, and training programmes to stay updated on industry trends and showcase your commitment to ongoing learning.

Job Portals: Regularly check job portals and company websites, such as www.solnigeria.com, for job offers that align with your skills and interests.

Resume Improvement: Tailor your resume for each job application, emphasizing your achievements and how they align with the job requirements.

Personal Projects: Showcase personal projects or freelance work highlighting your skills and creativity.

Recruitment Services: If you seek to recruit any category of staff nationwide and simply want the best talent for your organization, you can rely on outsourcing companies to handle the process for you. 

Temporary Staff Services: If you seek to recruit any category of staff anywhere in Nigeria for an assignment over a specific period, you can also use outsourcing companies’ temporary staff services. 

There are staff for short-term projects, seasonal demands, maternity cover, or other reasons. You can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of having staff on demand without the hassle of hiring and managing them.

Payroll Management Services: If you wish to hold the employment contract of your staff but seek to limit exposure to employment-related statutory and regulatory obligations, payroll management services. Outsourcing companies can handle the payroll processing, tax remittance, pension administration, health insurance, and other benefits of your staff. You can reduce operational costs and risks while ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Finally, outsourcing companies can offer you various job opportunities and benefits as a fresh graduate or a young school leaver in Nigeria, so take advantage of them to gain an edge in the ever-growing job seekers market.

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