November 28, 2023


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Semester exams to hold in April: Students reacts

Eyitayo Adeyemo

UNILAG Sun spoke to a few students on how they felt about the changes in the academic calendar and writing exams after the NUGA Games.

Here is what they said: 

“I like the fact that the exams have been shifted but the idea of moving out of hostels is not pleasant to me considering the fact that some students stay very far from school”. 

  • Oyinda, 500L Law 

 “It doesn’t make much sense because I’m meant to graduate soon. I’m appealing that the school should let the calendar remain the same the way it was before instead of slowing us down again”. 

  • Oyinoluwa, 400L Sociology

 “Although, leaving our hostels is not quite comfortable I’m still very much okay with the decision”. 

  • Helen, 100L Law

 “I’m just glad the VC made this decision because it felt as if the upcoming NUGA games was being prioritized over the academic calendar and the students.This would mean there would be enough time for us to cover the semester syllabus and look forward to the Game season”. 

  • Oreoluwa, 400L, Mass CUnilagSun ommunication 

“I think it is okay but it’s inconvenient for the students in the hostel, it’s going to be another unnecessary movement”, 

  • Anonymous, 400L, Psychology 

 “It’s fine for me . At least I’d be able to brush up my preparation towards exams which includes intense reading. But it’d have been better if we write the exams as quickly as possible so we can go home on time.”

  • Olamide, 200L, History and Strategic Studies 

 “I hope this also includes extension for the school portals for payment. If yes, I’m glad because I was already getting stressed out with little time to read and work to pay my fees.”

       -Kemisola, 400L, Mass Communication (ICE)

“I don’t even know. I think I have mixed feelings but in actual reality we were rushing.”

        -Ifeanyi, 300L, Mass Communication

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