April 20, 2024


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Professor Lucian Obinna Chukwu

Soremekun Samson Seyifunmi

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Management Services) of the University of Lagos, Professor Lucian Obinna Chukwu, has disclosed the plans of the school management to renovate her hostels.

He made this known in an interview with UNILAG Sun while explaining the plans of the University in providing a conducive environment for students of the university.

Professor Lucian Obinna explained that this was part of the vision of the Ogundipe led administration which is now being pursued and ready for execution by the current Vice Chancellor, Professor Folasade Ogunsola.

“This project is something that was started off by the former Vice Chancellor, and the incumbent Vice Chancellor, Professor Ogunsola took it up”, Professor Lucian said.

The Ecotoxicology specialist also made it known that this plan has made it past the board and the execution is already in sight, especially in the Moremi Hostel.

“As of today, the Ministerial Tendance Board has given approval of the construction of about 240 bed spaces in the Moremi Hostel. This will be built in the prefab area of the hostel. Then we later move to other hostels”, he remarked.

When asked about how students can get the hostels when they are ready in about 4 months as stated by him, he said, “When the time is right, just like Sodeinde and El-Kanem hostel, we’d make the modality available”.

The well-decorated professor also explained that “it’s not the intention of the university to keep students in hostels that have the facilities being run down over the years” and that’s why the institution keeps on doing its best to give them the best.

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