December 9, 2023


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MCSA extol dept. president on his birthday 

By: Daniel Kelechi and Ameerah Junaid

A true friend, confidante, and selfless leader readily available to serve the people. These and many more are the adjectives used to describe Seyifunmi Soremekun, the newly elected president of the Mass Communication Students’ Association (MCSA), as he celebrated his birthday today.

Soremekun who was elected MCSA’s president earlier in June this year, also doubles as the Deputy Managing Editor, UnilagSun.

Friends, colleagues, and superiors took to various social mediums to celebrate the grace of God up on him as he marks another year. 

The MCSA Interlevel group chat hosted by WhatsApp, saw the influx of messages from students across all levels of the department wishing the ‘001’ well and praying for him.

Other felicitators spoke to our UnilagSun on their different experiences with the president.

One of such people is the immediate last President of MCSA and Soremekun’s predecessor, Mr. Hassan Oluwatobi.

Hassan described him as someone who he considers a friend and a confidant who burns with zeal to render services whenever duty calls without any form of reservations. 

Wishing Sey a happy birthday, Hassan said, “He is very hardworking and carries all the weight with a smile on his face. As my successor at MCSA, there’s no one else I trust to lead the association better. I count on him and I know MCSAites can also tell he’s reliable enough for them to count on wholeheartedly.

“Today is Seyi’s birthday and I just want to wish him the best. I want him to know he has all my love and my support. As we often jokingly say, “I am already there”.

Following suit, the former Vice-President of MCSA, Mr. Oluwasegun Oyebode aka Irewole extolled the personality of Mr. Seyifunmi. 

He said, “If I were asked to string together adjectives to describe Seyifunmi, I’d call him excellent, empathetic, diligent, humble, a person with an admirable sense of responsibility. I’ve worked with Seyi and seen Seyi work on a number of different occasions. He has always proven to be reliable but beyond his work ethic, he is a great person and a great friend, among several other things.”

He went further to wish him growth, happiness, joy, and even more excellence in all his endeavours!

Furthermore, the newly elected Vice-President of the MCSA, Samuel Kolawole, also spoke overwhelmingly about the character of Mr. Seyifunmi especially as he will be working hand-in-hand with him to pilot the affairs of the Association. 

“Happy Birthday Soremekun Seyifunmi Samson (SSS). I hope this new year brings you everything you desire. I am happy I met you (thanks to unilag) and going through several phases on this campus. There’s a bigger ride for us in front and I can’t wait to see us deliver the very best. Have a blessed birthday boss,” he said.

The General Secretary-Elect, Eniola Esther Daramola, also lauded Soremekun in not so few words calling him not just a friend, but a “brother”.

In appreciation for all his support, and care, she said, “I really look forward to the magic we will make in this administration. I love you, bro. Cheers to LIFE, doing GOD and creating MEMORIES.”

Not leaving the good wishes to just members of the executives, the Editors-in-Chief of UnilagSun shared their thoughts on working with Soremekun in the newsroom and prayed for God’s continuous guidance on the president.

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Abiola Ogunleye had a lot to say about the personality of Seyifunmi.

He described him as “a very awesome individual who is charismatic and has the ability to bring everyone together.”

Ogunleye wished him many more years and also a successful tenure as the President of Mass Communication Students’ Association, MCSA. 

In an email shared with this medium, Faith Enang, the incoming Editor-in-Chief of UnilagSun didn’t hold back her joy as she recounted all the sacrifices the celebrant has made for her and most importantly UnilagSun as the Deputy Managing editor of the medium. 

She wrote, “Soremekun Seyifunmi Samson, Ore mi atata. My friend, editor, and president. You have always been so free-spirited, it’s so hard not to love you.

There are many reasons why I’ll do UnilagSun and life over with you again. And there are zero excuses as to why I won’t do MCSA with you whenever you call. 

“You are him. Exactly what you think you are. And everything God has said you were, you are, are becoming, and will ever become on this planet called Earth”. 

Concluding her wishes she said “Happy Birthday my gee. I love you so much and can’t wait to shower you with all the love you deserve when school resumes”. 

Also not left out are the Class Reps for all levels of the department. They all wished Mr Seyifunmi many happy returns and also prayed that he continues his good work even as he presides over the activities of MCSA. 

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