February 25, 2024


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Freshers to Ballot in a Week or Two

By Blessing Famose

The Dean of Student Affairs (DSA), Professor Musa Obalola, has revealed that freshers’ balloting will occur in a week or two.

In a recent interview with Unilag Sun editors, Prof. Obalola said that the second batch of newly admitted students are yet to complete their screening. So, conducting a balloting exercise will leave them at a disadvantage.

The date for freshers’ balloting is yet to be announced. But the exercise will take place within the next two weeks.

“…If not next week, by upper week we will also do their balloting,” – DSA said.

He further explained that the spaces in the hostels were reserved for these freshers. However, they’d still be subject to the balloting exercise as there are limited bed spaces.

According to him, “We have already made some reservations for them. But don’t forget that it cannot go around. That is why we have to ballot. If it could go around there would be no need for balloting.”

Speaking on why the school had to merge two batches of 100-level students, the Prof. referred to the pandemic and strike that disrupted the university’s calendar. He didn’t want the university to miss out on an academic session, hence the merger between two consecutive admissions.

He said, “For two years, we have had a peculiar situation due to the strike and COVID-19. Instead of losing out on the session, we decided to combine two admissions.”

“The first batch of admissions have been concluded. But the second batch, batch B, is just registering.”

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